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Intuitive rebellion & the mother wound with Wynoami Glasser

July 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
Lead With Soul
Intuitive rebellion & the mother wound with Wynoami Glasser
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In this episode of Lead With Soul, we're diving deep into the mother wound — what it is, how it impacts us, and how to heal it. We also discuss how following your intuition is an act of rebellion, how to prioritize pleasure through daily practices and rituals, and the importance of cultivating a safe and supportive community.

Wynoami is a High Priestess of the Ritual Healing Arts and guide through The Great Remembering. After striving for an acting career in NYC for 6 years, Wynoami chose a different path in life coaching. After the birth of her daughter in 2016, everything changed. The call of The Divine Feminine and a desire to heal ancestral mother wounds and collective wounds incurred by the oppression of The Patriarchy became the priority. Wynoami believes your intuition is your sovereignty, ritual is the path, and pleasure is the purpose. And that we must be gathering in sacred spaces where we are safe and supported to shed the conditioning of old paradigms, heal our Mother Wounds & create The New Earth from our Divine Intuition.

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Episode 10: Intuitive rebellion & the mother wound with Wynoami Glasser

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Kimberly King:
I am so excited to have a special guest on the podcast today, Wynoami. I would love for you to take a few moments, Wynoami, to introduce yourself, share a little bit more about who you are and the work that you do in this world.

Wynoami Glasser:
Hi, Kimberly. And hi everyone listening. Thank you so much for having me on this podcast. You're doing such beautiful work. It's an honour to be here with you. My name is Wynoami, Wynoami Glasser, to be complete with that. I am an intuitive guide. I used to call myself a life coach, I got my certification in life coaching back in 2012, and have been working one on one with clients intensely ever since, but in the last four years have shifted my focus more into the intuitive and spiritual realms of guiding and teaching rather than the hyper-masculinized coaching industry. I've kind of moved outside of that, and am now serving individuals who identify themselves as needing intuitive guidance to healing the divine feminine in themselves and reuniting with the divine masculine eventually, through the modality of ritual, with a focus on pleasure, and healing ancestral wounds, namely, the mother wound up being my main focus and activating sovereignty, through the focus of listening to intuition and how it really speaks through you.

Kimberly King:
That is beautiful. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, I am super excited to dive into this episode and receive your wisdom. So I'd love to start off with talking a little bit about the mother wound and what exactly that is, what does that mean? What can that look like?

Wynoami Glasser:
Yeah, the mother wound is vast, it is a big topic. The origin of the mother wound is in Africa, our mother country where we all come from all ancestral lineages go back to Africa, and Egypt, that center of the world. And as we know, our ancestors were taken from their land, the patriarchy and the powers that be within it came in and appropriated the cultural practices, the rituals, the religious practices, the spirituality, and also took the women away from their roles in their villages and groups as the guides as the center of the community where they served as healers, teachers nurturers, and took them out of their seat of power, putting them into servitude.

Wynoami Glasser:
That's where the mother wound began. And how it looks in our modern life is, you know, the relationship between mother and child. And, by the way, the mother which impacts men and women alike, does not matter what your gender may be. But it starts with the female, it being the mother being the source of all life, and how women over you know, centuries have had their rights taken away, and have been told that their one role is to reproduce, become a mother and you fulfilled your purpose. Then once you've become a mother, that's it. You're a mom. That's it you're dedicated to your child and to the home and to your partner, and your life outside of that is just, it doesn't really exist, it's not really appropriate for you anymore to pursue any selfish desires.

And so the mother wound in the modern day is the one that inflicts us as children, that tells us that we have to be in service to our mothers or parents, that we can't trust ourselves that as children, you're taught to fall in line with a specific set of, you know, conditions determined by your gender, and your race, your religion and that these conditionings take you away from listening to the truth that's within you.

And then for people who identify as female, who are also mothers, for us, we inherit this wound, you literally inherit your mother's inner dialogue, I thought I discovered this fact. And I was dumbfounded, I'm still dumbfounded by it, that as children, you actually inherit, it's like in your DNA, the way your mother speaks to herself. The bond between us and our mothers is so profoundly powerful. It's difficult to even understand and fathom, but the pain of feeling insecure, or feeling not enough, or feeling that you can't have it all, you can't be a mother, and a partner, and a successful business person, you can't have a wholesome family, and, you know, be a pole dancer or a sex worker, you can't do both. It's either or you have to be a saint or a sinner. And this is like the wound in action. And it gets passed along generation to generation, through these forms of belief that say, yeah, I'm not enough as I am, I have to either go outside of myself to become something else or have to just ignore this part of myself that I'm passionate about. Because now I'm a mom.

Kimberly King:
Yeah, it's so fascinating when we start to really look at these beliefs and experiences that we may be having in our present-day reality that are so deeply rooted in our ancestry in our lineage, generations before us the things that we are not consciously aware of, or have not personally experienced in our conscious mind. It's absolutely mind-blowing. So thank you for sharing that.

And it's not something that I hear talked about a lot, at least not in, sort of, my communities at the moment, aside from you, of course. So I find it really fascinating to just learn more about this. And I'm so glad that you are sharing this wisdom and information with the world because I think it's so, so needed. And I think for a lot of us, especially when it comes to mothers, or entrepreneurs, from my experience, because I'm not a mom, but I am an entrepreneur, knowing that feeling of feeling like you have to maybe choose one part of your identity, or you cannot have this thing and that thing. And I'm curious to know your thoughts when it comes to working with your clients in this capacity? What are some ways that people can begin to shift from that separation from parts of their identity and start to bring that together for themselves so that they can have it all?

Wynoami Glasser:
Yeah, thank you for that question. It is such an important one to answer and to look into for ourselves. Also, I'll say this, the points of pain that you're experiencing, the things that are triggering in you this feeling of lack, or this sense, that there's a conflict of interest within you. This is evidence of the mother wound at play. And what I encourage my people to do and everyone to do is to get very curious about what's underneath your, quote, unquote, desires. I kind of believe that many people will think that they desire something, but really, many of them don't truly know where that desire comes from. And maybe what you're desiring is actually not yours. But it's something that you inherited from the wound, the wound being the one that your mother carried with her.

You know, I have a colleague who has suffered from eating disorders, and it's something that they were taught by their mother and now they're breaking free from that, and their mother is still in the vicious cycle and is shaming them for breaking it. And what's so challenging for this individual is continuing with breaking free from this conditioning, to feel more full in themselves more whole in themselves, and they're trying to reach for this new understanding that says my weight, and my image does not equate my value and my worth. I can be whatever my body wants to be, and I can be successful and happy and fulfilled. But the wound that their mother carries says that's not true, you have to look this particular way. And so while they're interacting with their mother through this, their challenges, listening not for the new truth only but also learning to exercise your compassion.

It is so essential, it is paramount that as you surf through all the resistance and the contradictions and the contrast that you do not go through this with determination that you're not hard on yourself to go, No, I resist and reject this old view. And I'm only going to put all my attention on this new view, that's misguided, you're only adding more resistance. The thing to do is to practice welcoming in all of what you're feeling, knowing that the confusion, the pain, the heartache, is a part of the healing process.

My advice to this person who was breaking free from the eating disorder, every time they hear their mother shame them for it, is to listen for how their mother is not speaking to them but is speaking to herself, is speaking to the version of herself that she sees in their child in her child, as her child is going through this moment in time. And that every time she speaks shame or judgment, she's speaking to that version of herself. Because as you're breaking free of the wound, and as you're healing wounds, the mother that may be with you or not, but she's always a voice in your head is going to reject it, because it threatens her reality. It threatens the beliefs that she's lived with her whole life. And that is terrifying for anyone.

It's scary for us too when you start to dissolve old beliefs and you start to adopt new ones. It's a scary process, you're stepping into the unknown, leaning in with compassion, listening for the pain that's behind the judgment that's behind the anger listening for the child that is crying out this is one of the most important processes within mother wound healing is inner child work. And it is witnessing the child that is spending time with the child in a meditative space to listen to them. Because while you are shedding old paradigms and beliefs that child within you is getting their reality taken away. What they grew up knowing the things that you are now ready to shed served you really well for a long time they allowed you to survive, they allowed you to cope in the environment that you grew up in, releasing them with gratitude, releasing them with appreciation, releasing them with compassion, for all that you are an understanding that everything that you have the capacity to dream up and desire is already yours.

You are born with the codes for these things that you desire, it is inevitable that they are yours. The only thing that keeps you from fully realizing it is the lack of compassion you're having for the parts of you that are letting go. You're still letting go and still learning how to trust that it's okay to desire this, it's okay to want this, it's okay to do it completely differently. And in a way that is signature to you as you are.

So I recommend beginning with the child I have inner child meditations that I do with my clients where we just sit in a really beautiful space and we just visit with the child at your perfect age, wearing your favourite outfit and listening to them. And that check-in on a daily basis is helpful for loosening up this fear that oh my gosh, my existence is being completely shattered. Where are we now? Who are we now? Learning that as a child while you are flexible and adaptable with all things that child within you is still back there where they are and if you're not actively bringing them along, you know, informing them along the way, then that feeling of uncertainty is going to stay in you, that I'm not sure of myself feeling is going to remain until you address it. Does that answer your question?

Kimberly King:
Yes, definitely. I think that one of the things that really comes up for so many of us as we begin to do the inner work, and the healing work is often a sense of guilt, or shame, or, you know, some of these more, quote-unquote, negative emotions that can be really uncomfortable to experience. So I love approaching it from a place of not trying to get rid of those feelings, or ignore them or dismiss them, but to look at them with compassion. I think that's absolutely beautiful and so important to remember and to integrate into the work that we're doing on ourselves.

Yeah, I love the practice of doing an inner child meditation. I'm curious if there are any other practices or tools that people can use on their journey while they are working on healing their mother wound, whether that's intentionally or kind of through other ways or other things that they might be healing from?

Wynoami Glasser:
Yeah, the things that I offer for a mother wound healing can really be applied to any healing process, you may be going through the first practice is acceptance. It's really sitting down in a space and saying, Okay, I'm, I'm unconfident. I'm feeling insecure. One of my favourite practices is sitting with a feeling and calling it what it is. So taking a deep breath, asking myself, What do I feel what am I feeling right now? And just calling it out, as it comes up? I'm feeling anxious. I'm feeling insecure, listing the feelings until you feel like you've reached the bottom of the list for this moment, and taking another deep breath. And asking yourself, where in my body do I feel these things? Okay, I'm feeling anxious in my stomach, and then describing what the feeling looks or feels like? Does it have a texture, a colour, a sound? And then after that, asking the feeling in the body? If it could say anything, what would it say? And letting it speak to you? And it could you’ll be surprised by it or you might, might be manipulating yourself. But either way, it's a practice. That's why we call it that right, we want to come back to it again and again until it reveals to you were opening these to happen.

I want to let everyone know right now before I go any further than what is specific to the work that I do. And what I'm encouraging all of us to do more of is to get out of your thinking mind, and to resist the temptation to analyze and connect the dots so to speak. Allow yourself to give up the need to understand with your logical thinking mind. It's so easy to psychoanalyze yourself and everyone, you know, oh well yeah, I can see why you're ashamed because your mother and taught you how to do this. Well, that's like, Sure, okay, that's just reading the book of the cover. That means a little to nothing and that serves you in no real way. What does that do?

When you dive deeper into analysis of that, really, what it does is pitting you against your mother, you start to resent your mother. And let's be clear mother wound healing has nothing to do with your mother has nothing to do with your relationship with your mother has everything to do with your relationship with yourself. It's not necessarily about mothering yourself at all, either. It's really more about allowing yourself to bear witness to your own wounds, realizing they’re inherited, if anything, it gives you the opportunity to remove your identification with it a little bit more, bringing more space into your awareness understanding that some of these reactions and feelings that are in your body first, and then become thoughts, and then actions, many of them are in your DNA. You never created that story. It was given to you.
That's why compassion is a key practice in this and being curious and discovering what your body is telling you. So that's one exercise I recommend doing is asking your body what it's saying, asking your body, for answers, by starting with what you feel and going deeper. And then pleasure practice, prioritize your pleasure. It is so so easy to get caught up in fixing and healing can feel like such a task and a heavy-handed, you know requirement for living a free life. Healing can be pleasurable. Suffering is not necessary, not in this New Earth consciousness. While we can witness suffering all around us at times, it's a choice that you make it’s not something that you need to do in order to ascend your awareness or expand in your strength and power. Suffering is not necessary, pain is necessary. Healing is necessary. Joy is necessary and pleasure is a priority.

Let's use some metaphors. You know, the way that this country treats women in childbirth is hideous, you know, they strap you down to a bed, they put you in a disgusting nightgown that it's not comfortable or cute at all. They stick your feet up and stirrups, you know, they jab and they poke and they push and they pull and it's hideous. The way you're meant to birth a child is by walking in nature around an area moving your body in whichever way is intuitively appropriate for you squatting, laying down, bending over, in whichever way you need to loosen up everything in your body. It is a movement, it is a dance, your body is made mostly of water, you're supposed to be fluid and move within this beautiful vehicle that you have and within your energy and your emotion. You're not this rigid, fixed object, you are a transient being. And while childbirth is excruciating, if we're allowed to let our bodies guide us if we were allowed to move in the way that they intuitively want to move, there can be pleasure in it.

I want everybody to reframe the word pleasure for themselves. And when I say pleasure, people typically go straight to sexuality, or sexual pleasure and that's a part of it. But it's eroticism and eroticism isn't just about, you know, your sexual arousal in the sense of, you know, the very basic version that we understand in modern culture right now, when we're talking about, bodies and attraction and chemistry that's, that's like, amateur hour. What I'm talking about is the kind of eroticism that lives in the energy or body, you have the erotic energy that you feel when you're standing in a place in nature, that is so awe-inspiring, that it brings you to tears. That's erotic energy. One of my favourite sensations is sitting on a beach underneath a hot, warm sun, and feeling the cool breeze come off the ocean at the same time. Full body chills and tingles that's erotic energy. It is your body's transmission of the sensations that you experience through every sense you have, and it is your pleasure.

So lean into it in whatever delicate, the more simple. The more delicate, the more mundane, the more profound and impactful these pleasurable moments can be. It's really about turning your attention into all of your body sensations. When you're with your cat or your dog when you're staring at the flower when you're making the cake. When you're sipping the tea when you're in the shower. When you're so you know selecting the fruits and vegetables, you're going to bring home.

These are all activities you do every day all the time that you can turn into a ritual to allow for more pleasure in your life. And what does the pleasure allow for just loosening up the tension in the body, to be able to receive the compassion and the love that is coming to you at all times from Mother Earth from source God energy. The love that is coming to you always is available to you now and making yourself more and more open to receiving that by tuning into the pleasure of your life and your sensation. Your erotic pleasure allows you to more deeply transform those spaces that need to be held and compassion is learning how to hold space for yourself by witnessing yourself to the loving eyes of compassion with the modality of pleasure.

Kimberly King:
Incredible. Yeah, I feel like healing and inner work can sometimes healing more specifically can have sometimes a heaviness around it, you know and there's a lot of talk about trauma and limiting beliefs and all of these kinds of things that that can be heavy but the process of healing from doesn't necessarily need to be, and that it can be pleasurable, which I absolutely love.

And I also feel like, for a lot of us, we haven't been taught how to connect with our bodies in a way that is necessarily empowering, or we've been conditioned to perceive our bodies through a more negative lens. So I feel like really allowing ourselves to connect more and be more in our bodies, rather than our brains is really powerful. And for me, I know, it felt very counterintuitive, and it is still something that I am working on just continuing to allow myself to be more in my body, rather than trying to think my way through healing. So I really love the idea of bringing more pleasure through rituals and through your daily practices, right, like something as simple as how you are drinking your coffee or your tea, just something that makes you feel pleasure. I think that's absolutely beautiful.

Wynoami Glasser:
We miss opportunities all the time to sit with the love and tenderness of pleasure. And, you know from my soul, siblings out there that have trauma in their bodies, this practice, especially is so, so helpful. Because you know, we know that our emotions get trapped in our bodies, we know that trauma gets trapped. And when you know that you have whole sections of your energetic body and your physical body that are blocked because of trauma,  the way through isn't just to talk about it, that's important. Definitely be in a safe space to be talking through it, for sure.

But you don't have to read any more books. You don't have to sit in any more intensives. You know, if you're really feeling called to it, if it's inspiring you and uplifting, you then do that. But if you're thinking from a place of like, well, I don't know if I know enough, or I think I need to dig deep deeper or no, that's that is a fear response. What you actually want is to witness more of yourself, and not through the eyes of judgment. Right.
So practicing pleasure when it's, not necessary. You know, like in the most mundane ways throughout the day, like when you're not healing, quote, unquote, right, when you're just living your life, putting that into your practice, in those ways, in those safe and non-confrontational ways, then allow you to go deeper, much deeper with the healing process when it's essential to look at the shadow, and really witness the pain that's there. Because it is all it's all in service of integration, you know, the shadow isn't something we want to get rid of. That's not the point.

The point is to embrace it, the shadow isn't anything to be afraid of the trauma isn't anything to be afraid of either. It's something that we want to be more open to it actually bringing closer to us. And the responses, the trigger responses that we get after trauma are there because of the neglect of the trauma itself, where it lives in the body, the neglect of it, instead of folding it in. Again, it's not about intellectually identifying yourself with it.

That's the part that keeps you in the loop of the trauma response saying I am this or this happened to me over and over and over again, will continue to keep it alive in your body, embracing it more fully in the sensory parts of you, finding the safe people and the safe spaces, to really sit inside of the trauma. And where it lives in the body, exploring it more fully letting yourself weep, and sob and mourn and rage and scream and be silent and be happy. All of it to touch yourself to touch someone else to soar in meditation to run a mile, all of it to be in your senses in your bodies to embrace more of what it is so that you integrate it into all of the rest of your body.

You are this full expression of energy from your sacral center all the way up through your crown and above and below, by the way, you're connected to this earth and you're connected to the cosmos and you are a channel of energy for all of that. But if you are focused only on this one center, if you're only ever thinking in your head or if you're only ever thinking with your womb, if you're only ever thinking with your will you block your energy, you are full expression. So let it be felt with all of you. And then you'll find yourself more easily expressing your truth and getting clearer hits of intuition that you can trust with implicit faith.

Kimberly King:
Absolutely, I definitely love that perspective. And I believe that when we are able to connect more with our whole energetic being it does really open up for you to be more connected with your intuition. And I'd love to talk a little bit more about intuition and your perspective on that as well. And I know you talked a bit about intuitive rebellion, which I'm super excited to just hear more about,

Wynoami Glasser:
Yes, intuitive rebellion is is the name of my website. It's my brand, I guess you could call it, it's my mission. You know, full disclaimer, I am an Aquarius. So rebellion is in my nature. But the reason I chose it is because in the healing process of healing mother wounds and ancestral healing, you’re breaking patterns. One of the ways a mother wound shows itself in our lived experience when you're, you know, especially between mothers and their daughters, especially when a girl starts to become a young woman, somewhere through adolescence into her early teen years, she begins to exercise more of her autonomy, she begins to identify more solidly with her ego. And she begins to state who she is, I am this, this is what I want, this is what I want to do. And that's perfect, right? That's right and good for all of us.

But that is when the mother wound is really triggered in our mothers. So most of us have stories, lots of stories of treacherous experiences with our mothers, when we went through our teen years, especially those of us that identify as female, when a mother starts to see her girl become a woman, it triggers this response in her that immediately takes her back to her young adulthood when she was young and vivacious and interested and curious and ready to take over the world. And then she is very quickly reminded that the transition into motherhood took that away from her. And whether she is conscious of it or not, most of the time not she begins to resent that child for becoming an adult, she begins to see their freedom as a threat, and will do everything in her power to stop you from expanding, she will shame you, she will judge you, she will warn you, she will try to instill fear in you about the big bad world, about the people that will take advantage of you. She will tell you, you can't trust yourself, you're just young and dumb. She will tell you, you need to experience more life you need to you know, stay in school and focus on this or that.

That's how it shows up in our real-life lived experiences. It's also the beginning of the separation of your intuitive guidance and yourself. You began to then rely on your thinking mind at that point to traverse the confusion that set in when everything within you says no, I want to be an artist, that's what I want to be. And then your mother says that stupid, you're going to fail. That's not reliable. Well, of course, you love your mother, you want to make her happy, you want to make her proud. You also sometimes go well, she's an adult, she's lived his life, maybe she knows something I don't know. And so maybe I need to lean into that a little bit more. But then it causes this immediate conflict within yourself. And you start to doubt what you want, or you start to doubt them and this struggle begins.

So why I call it intuitive rebellion is because now that you're an adult, or now that you've become aware of this wound, your work is to get back to your intuition. And that is an act of rebellion because it says in order for you to follow intuition, you have to stop taking it outside information. So all of a sudden, you're going okay, I'm going to tune into my intuition what is intuition? It is your body's wisdom. It speaks to you through your gut, literally like your stomach or it speaks to you through other body sensations like the butterflies in the stomach or the full-body chills or the tingles or it speaks to you through your emotions.

How you're feeling in the moment about something you are leaning either towards feeling like you're disempowered or empowered by it is your emotions and it's your heart also Is your desire to serve or to be in a particular mindset or group, it's in your body, it's not in your head, it quite often doesn't make sense. It often shows up in a surprising way, when you're least expecting it. When you're, you know, cooking dinner, in the shower, taking a walk, sometimes it comes up in a conversation with someone and all of a sudden, you have like an aha moment, that's intuition.

And intuition only speaks once it does not repeat itself, you get the hit. And it says, look that up, call that person stop doing that, start doing that, or gives you a colour or gives you a word doesn't give you a whole lot more than that. And your work is to then follow the breadcrumb trail as it continues. And that is not the way the world teaches you to live. The world says no, no, choose a path and stay on it. You said you were going to be a doctor, be a doctor. But then all along the way of becoming a doctor you every now and again, they get this, whatever feeling that you need to live in India, and you don't know why you don't care about India, you don't do yoga, you don't? Why am I so pulled to this part of the world? Or why does this subject keep showing up? That's your intuition. And it's guiding you to your destiny, to where your greatest fullest expression lives

It's rebellious because in the moment, you have to make difficult decisions to follow your intuition. Sometimes you'll have made a commitment to something or someone and intuition will say, not now you got to go do this, and you got to follow it. And so you're gonna have to tell people, I'm sorry, but I got to stop doing this. Now I have to leave I have to. And this is going to disrupt patterns in your life, it's going to disappoint people. And very likely, you'll lose the support of people that you've relied on for a long time, namely, family members, and childhood friends, these people that knew you when you stopped the following intuition knew you when you were deep under the conditioning of the mother wound and of the societal paradigms. And now you've committed to following intuition and life's going to get messy, right?

It's also going to become magical. And that's also rebellious. I'm speaking to many of my bipoc soul siblings out there. Many of us who live in brown bodies understand this better than our fair counterparts. Because we grew up in a world that said, you can't be what you want to be, you can't have what you want to have, because of where you come from, and what you look like. And in fact, systems have come up around us that literally take these freedoms from us. So all we have is our bodies and the truth that life is inside of them. And quite often the majority will look at black and brown people and the way they live out their lives. And they'll say they're heretics. They're inappropriate, they're acting out. But what they're being is rebellious, what they're being is autonomous, where they're being a sovereign, and they're choosing where they can feel most fully expressed under the conditions that they live in.

That's why your complaints about who you grew up with how much money you have, what your education is, what your body looks like, are all bullshit. Those excuses are empty and meaningless. They only get as much power as you give them. It does not matter what your circumstance is, you're a sovereign being. And you will know this by listening, and more importantly, following the guidance of your intuition. How do you tap in, get quiet? Shut up, stop expressing your opinions left and right. Stop listening to everybody else's opinions. Stop engaging in conversations about subjects you know nothing about. Stop looking for evidence to support your points of view that are based on most of the time beliefs that are you are better conditioned into you. And conditioning isn't exclusive to the negative patriarchal kind. There's conditioning from spiritual communities. There's conditioning and coaching communities. There's religious conditioning, conditioning exists all around us.
It's not inherently bad or wrong or evil is just conditioning. And you need to know for sure what your inner voice has to say about it. Because that's the only one that matters is the only one. So stop watching the news. Stop it. Stop taking in the information, I promise you, whatever information is is meant for you is gonna find you, it will find you. We live in an information age, it's impossible to miss information, it will find you turn off the news, stop engaging in debates that leave you drained, riled up, angry, resentful. Stop looking to other people for answers and guidance, in the sense of like the guru.

Don't wait to make a decision until Kimberly says that you should do it this way. Don't wait to act on something until Wynoami says, do it this way. Act move in a way that feels right and good to you, you will find the mentors and the partners that are going to enhance what you're doing and partner with you seamlessly in a way that feels like you're bonding with your equals and with your partners, not like you're following a leader. Those days are dead and over that's over no more gurus. So tune out. So if you feel like you're really pulled in many directions, and you're confused about what your direction is, it's a clear indication that you're taking in too much information from too many sources and you're giving it all away too much power importance. Turn off the noise, get quiet, get out in nature, get your hands and your feet in the grass every day.

It's a practice that I do. Most days, if it's not raining, I will go out in my yard, I will lay down on a blanket and I will put my bare hands and bare feet on the grass and just breathe with the vibrations of Mother Earth. Let nature start to inform you. This planet is genius. It's an extraordinary machine. And it has so much information. See, you overcomplicate it, you make it way too complicated. The voice of intuition speaks simply and plainly, it's not going to give you this elaborate, crazy-ass plan. It’s going to be very quiet and still with you. And it's gonna say you need more sleep, it's gonna say drink a lot of water, it's gonna say cry, it's gonna say call her it's gonna say, you know, you need to eat more vegetables because they like really plain modest things.

And then every now and again, you'll get that weird hit that's like out of nowhere that says, The truth is this, you'll get like an epiphany or whatever about something in your life that you were struggling with. And now the answers become clear. And it's like, a breath of fresh air, you feel free immediately. And then you need to go share it with somebody right away. That's your intuition at play, that's you leading or being guided by it. And it's rebellious AF, and I encourage you all to do it. Because you're a genius. There's genius in you. And no one else is going to bring it out of you but you.

Kimberly King:
Absolutely, yeah, I think it's really important to remember that intuition doesn't necessarily look one way or it doesn't always express itself in one specific way. So the more connected you can be to your body. And the more you can be in your body rather than your brain, the more that you can open up your awareness of that, and allow those messages to come through. And like you said, there's all of this conditioning and not necessarily always negative things, but conditioning and things that are not our truth. And yeah, just becoming more aware of that and looking at your beliefs and your thought patterns and your behaviors and really asking yourself like, what is my truth? Like, does this feel aligned to me is this the path that I want to be on, and especially when it comes to the personal development world, or the spirituality community or the coaching industry, I feel like this has has been a big problem where we do give so much power away when it comes to the people that we work with or who we follow or listen to. And it's why I really bring in the intuitive part of my business. Because at the end of the day, like no one knows what is best for you other than you.

There are people who can guide you and support you and provide you tools and resources and practices and guidance, but you're always going to be the one who knows what is best for you. And it's really important to remember that and to have that discernment when you are doing the healing work as well, and doing the inner work and to also recognize that it's not always going to be pretty I've definitely experienced that many times on my journey, you know, relationships will fall away, fall apart. There will be conflict, there will be pain, there will be things that don't necessarily feel pleasurable. But when we continue following our intuition and bringing more of that pleasure into our day to day life, it's going to make it so much easier to move through those difficult experiences.

Wynoami Glasser:
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. When intuition speaks, and you have to follow it, and you have to do something that's difficult. That's when the practice of compassion and pleasure really support you. Because you know, like, Okay this is gonna, this is going to rock the boat. And it's scary. It's uncomfortable. There's unknowns at play, that's when  you go back to your practice of listening to what you're feeling and finding it in your body and asking it what it has to say. That's when you get out in nature and sit in the grass and take some deep breaths, that when you run a mile, or do a hit workout, or get on your spin bike or whatever you love to do to activate.

By the way, just to say, like, intuition, you just said doesn't speak the same way for everyone. It's the truth, if you're not the type that is really suited to sitting still, when I said, getting still before, I wasn't talking about physically, necessarily, I meant shutting up the monkey mind turning off the chatter and getting still within you. Sometimes being still with me requires you to hike a mountain. You know, sometimes you need to like run a marathon to get still, you know yourself. If you don't, then put something into practice and see what happens. It's okay if it doesn't work out it's a practice. Give yourself some grace, discover for yourself the combinations of rituals that really support your well being. The objective is to become centered within your energy more and more often, so that when the inevitable surprises come your way, you can be with it, not resistant, not overcome it and be positive.

Anyways, we're not talking about toxic positivity here, we're talking about allowing whatever it is to be what it is, and to have discernment within yourself to know like, Alright, this is this is something I need to deal with work on, or Oh, this isn't mine, I need to let this go. I need to turn around. Yeah, these are the daily practices where it's at, I think people really get into the habit of like only putting things into practice when they're in pain or when they're hurting. And I get it. But think of it more like a vitamin is something you got to take every day to support your immune system. You've got to strengthen your energetic body by aligning your chakras every day, by practicing your mantras every day, you know, by checking in with body checking in with the inner child, practicing things that come naturally to you, but are yet your second nature.

Because you haven't been doing it comes naturally to you to express gratitude and appreciation. So do it comes naturally to you to take joy in the simplicity of the beauty of the tree. So do it, don't withhold these things from yourself, because you haven't figured out what you're going to do with your life or you haven't found your partner yet, or you haven't gotten pregnant yet or if you haven't ended systemic racism, you know, like, give yourself the juice of the nectar of life that's coming to you all the time through, it's speaking to you everywhere, open your eyes to it, the synchronistic moments, the word the sound, the number the color, like you know, the signals, you know what they are. Trust that implicitly, as you trust more of it, you see the magic unfold, and then the trust becomes more firm. It's a slow going unfolding process. There's no pressure rush into it.

But yeah, I think one thing I was hearing when you said that, that I wanted to say is when you're looking to people who are teachers, or guides or mentors or coaches, if they inspire you, if you listen, and it brings you joy, when you're listening, there's a confirmation about it for you. Like oh, that's my language or Yes, I agree with that. Those are your people. If you're listening to someone, and you're feeling shame, you're feeling like oh, I'm not doing that. I should be doing that. Oh, and I'm probably doing your I'm not doing like that. Oh my gosh, is there something I'm missing? That's not your people. That's not your message. Please don't act from a space of not enoughness or fear. Please practice acting from a space of curiosity, excitement, inspiration, motivation. I want to know this person I want to connect into their energy. It feels good. Practice leaning into that practice leaning into what feels good, what comes easily. You will be surprised at what comes through afterwards.

You think that in order to do the expansion work in the healing work that you've got to get into the uncomfortable places, with the people that push you,  or ask the triggering questions, and it's not enough, it's not necessary. It's not necessary to do that. lean into the people that make you feel safe, make you feel comfortable, make you feel lovey dovey, and soft and fuzzy, the people that are telling you what you already know, lean into them, because when you get into safe space and communion with them, inevitably, something is going to come up to the surface, that you haven't said out loud ever before. Or you keep tied down because your fear of being judged.

And that beautiful soul is going to pull it out of you, and you're going to say it out loud, and they're going to help you transform it in that moment with gentleness and love and compassion, not force, not drive, not fear, not shame. These modalities aren't serving you or anyone else. This is the old paradigm stuff. We're in a new space now where it's take all the time, you need to be as gentle and safe with yourself as you can possibly be. And yes, lean into the people that are doing that for you as well.

Kimberly King:
Yes, absolutely. Thank you for sharing that. And I know from my experience for a really long time, I was so disconnected from my body and my intuition and also from past experiences feeling like I couldn't trust my intuition, when there were times where I felt like I followed my intuition. But maybe something didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to, or there was a negative experience from that decision, where I really started to take on this belief that I can't trust myself, I can't trust my intuition, which is bullshit. And thankfully, I've done a lot of work to shift that.

But I think that really what I'm hearing you say is that a big part of this is really developing that trust with yourself with your body with your intuition, so that you make those decisions not from a place of not enoughness. Because we know that there are certain people out there who are maybe operating from that old paradigm of fear and shame and manipulation and making you feel like there is something wrong with you and you need to be fixed, which is completely not true. And thankfully, a lot of us are waking up from that and, and becoming more aware of that. But it really does require that level of trust within yourself and your body and your intuition. And I love what you mentioned as well about finding that community and support system, which is so incredibly powerful. And I know that it's it's something not everyone maybe has or feels like they are currently experiencing. So I think it's really important to lean into that and find those spaces, like you said, where you you do feel safe to express yourself and you do feel supported in speaking your truth and sharing more of who you are.

Wynoami Glasser:
Yes, and sometimes that community will be one person for a while, you know what, especially when you're shedding old beliefs, when you're letting go of the you know, oppression in your life, when you're allowing more compassion and love into your life, starting with yourself, you very quickly to start to see how much fear based communication is around you how many people around you are really stuck in the loop of fear. And we want to have compassion for them. But we also need to understand that staying in intimate relationship with that energy is just going to be more challenging for you, it's not gonna hurt you, it's just going to make it harder for you. So it's not to cut them off. That's not the answer either, is to slowly detach from those conversations and lean into the ones that are about your fullness and your wholeness and your work and your inherent worth and your value and your total enoughness. And no matter what your trauma is, there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, there may be confusion and there may be fuzziness that there is nothing wrong with you. Everything is working exactly as it should.

And I love how you were sharing before, like there have been times when you follow your intuition and then something didn't work out. That is such a brilliant share, because that is an intuitive experience. Intuition is not going to guide you to something warm and fuzzy all the time. And we've already talked about this. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. Intuition isn't guiding you to your rocky moment or whatever. Well maybe it is I mean, it's the hero's journey, isn't it? intuition is guiding you to the next thing, the next activation that you need to become more fully aware in your consciousness and sometimes what you need next is a failure. Sometimes what you need is to follow that intuition to do that big thing. And then you do that big thing. And then that big thing flops. And you go, WTF intuition, I thought this was gonna be my big thing.

But that's when you really activate your wisdom and guidance and go, Okay, I need to fall back on the belief that I know is true, which is everything is always working out for my favor, that life is here for me that this is a multi dimensional experience, that I'm not just here to, like fly high on the cloud all the time, that I'm here to experience contrast. And through the contrast, I get sharper and clearer about my truth, my message, my joy, my purpose, my desire, that it's all a part of it. And that inside of the failure, there is a there is a nugget of gold, there is something there, you are always in forever, till the end of time going to be unraveling knots in your life, you're going to find sticking points in every new relationship and interaction you have. Something is going to be shown to you where there is healing that needs to be done or unraveling. And that is normal and good and fine. There's nothing wrong with this at all. This is the process of being human. This is the beauty of life, you want to be in touch, you want something to do, your Spirit wants to always be unraveling these knots, it's fun for you. And if you're seeing it as a burden, my friend, you're being extremely rigid with what's possible for you, you're really missing out on the opportunity to be open to the fun of life, you're not meant to be perfect. That's not the point. If you can show yourself more compassion and grace, you can be fully transparent in these moments, when you surround yourself with the right people who are themselves also, who are choosing to be in love and grace and compassion with themselves. They're also going to be that way with you. So in the moment, you can say, you know what, like, I really thought I was ready for this, but I'm getting, I'm like really caught up in my thinking mind right now. And all I am focusing on is how afraid I am looking like an idiot doing this and I can't get over it. I I can't move, I feel debilitated by it. I'm so insecure, perfect. Intuition has guided you exactly where you need to be. Is it frustrating? Yes, absolutely. Can you still experience pleasure in that state? Yes, you can. Yes, you can. How I know me, practice every day. Show yourself grace every time you see someone else, right? Going through that insecure moment, practice. Let them know like, I still love you. Even though you're insecure right now is to love you. Notice what you're feeling when somebody is going through it? Are you trying to fix them? Stop that. Let them be where they're at. Understanding that it's exactly perfect for them. Show them the grace and love that you can and know that as you do that for them, you do it for yourself. If it's harder to do for yourself right now. That's okay. offer it to others as often as you can. And just be gentle. Be patient, and do follow that intuition. And even when it fails, trust that that's also intuition working for you.

Kimberly King:
Absolutely. I love that. Yeah, I feel like especially not just as entrepreneurs, as human beings, we're going to have difficult experiences. And we're going to have things that don't turn out how we planned or you know, it's part of life. And I feel like especially as entrepreneurs, it can, it's, it's a very, it's rebellious, first of all, to be an entrepreneur and go out and do your thing and do it in a way that is unique to you. And it's also really vulnerable experience and it can just bring up all of your stuff. And that doesn't mean that it's not the right path for you or you're not headed in the right direction or just because yo, how many times has it happened where we put something out there or we try something in our business and then it just totally doesn't work out. Yeah. And I feel like a lot of times we can internalize that and make it mean something about us when really it is an opportunity for us to heal from whatever is coming up and I really love that perspective. And also just the reminder to have that compassion oh my gosh, for yourself and for others as well.

Wynoami Glasser:
It's just Yes. What's the world that you want to live in? You know, do you want to continue perpetuating the world where you know the reality TV world where you know, you have one slip up and then you're voted off the island is that the world we want to live in? Do you want to continue to over emphasize perfection? And glossiness and polished, you know exteriors? Is that what you want? Or do you say what you want is a world where there is equality and equanimity where there is love first, where we're all getting our needs met, where we're more trauma informed and safe, make safer spaces for people to be who they are and where they're at in the moment in their life. Do you want to let go of these, you know, illusions of timelines and deadlines and, you know, success markers, do you want to let go of these things.

If you do, then start start with what you're doing right now understand that if you know, as an entrepreneur, the work that you're doing, you're doing because you're passionate about it, it's something that you can't put down, you really believe in what you're doing, you really want to be doing it. And you want it to be prosperous, and you want it to support your life in every way. That's the core mission. That's the core boom, that's the thing. So let it be what it needs to be. Let it grow, stop controlling it so hard to like, stop meeting it to reach these goals, stop pushing it to need to be a particular way. Stop saying things like, I've been at it for five years, and it's still just blah, blah, blah, no, I've been at it for five years. And it is more today than it was the day I started. There's more here now for me than there was yesterday, I'm getting closer and closer to the fullest expression of myself and my work. I'm serving people in a way I want to be serving them. Is there work to be done? Yes.

But there's always going to be work to be done, it does. No matter how big your business gets, how much money you're making from it, how many people are inside of your community, there's always going to be another level of activation that you have to achieve. And so check in like, are you fully activated in the space that you're in right now? I know we're gonna get to this part next but you know, one of the places where I'm where people can work with me is inside of The Portal, which is a community that my soul sister Savannah Bowling of Blissful Bohemian created and inside of it are many instructors and teachers and the community inside of it is growing, it only started this year. And every month, we've got more and more members coming in and is beautiful.

And for some of us facilitators, being in front of large groups is a new experience. And all of us want to have these, you know, massive empires, right? We all want to, we all want to be Oprah, right. And the truth is, like, if you want to serve on that level, you have to have the capacity to serve at that level, you have to have the integrity, you have to be able to take in all of that energy that's coming to you from this audience, and all of the questions that they're asking with their energy, take it all in the judgment and everything, you have to be able to absorb it and transmute it into service. And that is alchemy on a massive level. But that's not outside of you, it's within you.

So put your attention towards alchemizing what you're already getting overwhelmed with, when a new client comes your way or a new partner shows your way and you're triggered immediately to be afraid of whether or not you're going to do well enough. That's where you're at. That's the level of alchemy you're at, you're not going to be able to take in 100, 1000 new people into your sphere, until you're ready to trust yourself to be with every soul that comes your way and that that's a daily practice that you do within you, not without it doesn't matter how good your copy is, how beautiful your website is, does not matter who you're associating with working with sponsors you're getting, that's all fun and good. That's like icing on the cake. Good stuff. But what is the internal message? Are you embodying your work? Are you alchemizing every next level activation?  If you're seeing yourself in this right now, it's good, it's fine. It's perfect. Be with it and allow it to take as much time as it needs to take if you need to take the next five years for you to alchemize this in yourself, so be it. Because as soon as there’s that switch, as soon as that is fully integrated, baby, you're going to expand exponentially. The quantum leap you will take will be extraordinary to watch. You see it all the time. Right? You see it all the time. People were like, oh, things were going kind of mediocre. And then I did this one post. I did this one talk. I wrote this book or whatever it is and then my life exploded. It wasn't the book. It wasn't the post, it was the alchemy, it was the energy within that soul that was ready that had the capacity to take it in, it was the energetic signature within that object that they put out into the world.

So don't get caught up in how it looks. Be with yourself, know who you are, trust in yourself, the more and more you do that, the more value you're going to bring through your work. And as it will be irrelevant, what it looks like, or how it sounds, the people will feel it, they will know what they will recognize it. The second that they see it, because it will have encoded in it as an energetic signature, and everything that you put out has that signature on it. So how are you interacting with your daughter, your child, your husband, your parent, your neighbor, the person behind the counter at the store? How are you interacting with traffic with your car? How are you interacting with your clothes? How do you take care of your space? All of these things are included. get curious about all of it.

Kimberly King:
Thank you so much for sharing that. That was another question that was coming up for me as well. Because I know that for a lot of us, especially as spiritual beings who want to create a better world, we want to have a positive impact. We have our more personal or internal sort of goals or visions for our personal life on an individual level. And then we also have our collective goals, our collective vision, and sometimes that can feel I know, at least in my experience, it can feel overwhelming or daunting, like how do I make this big change. And I love just the reminder that it starts with us and it can start with where you are right now. That is where you can have the most impact. And things can change in an instant. And when you are really focusing on the present moment and what you are doing now and those practices, and the impact that you're having with your clients right now with your community right now, those are all preparing you for that bigger vision. And I absolutely love that reminders. So, so much. So thank you for sharing that.

Wynoami Glasser:
Yes, remember that you're the vessel. It's not about you. The Guru is dead, we don't need any more icons. And while the messenger is always going to be put on a pedestal, that's just the way we work and humanity, your consciousness, the way you relate to yourself cannot be from that perspective. Don't compare yourself to Martin Luther King, don't compare yourself to Oprah Winfrey, don't imagine yourself into this icon that you think you need to be to make a change in the world. Those people did not set out on a path to become that individual. They simply stayed with what was present for them in the moment, what they felt compelled to talk about, think about, share, teach about.

And in this new age that we're in, in this new Earth consciousness, we want our teachers or leaders or mentors to be in integrity, we want them to be authentic, we want them to walk the walk, we don't want to find out that you're telling us how to love yourself. And then what you do is complain about your body or hate on your body every day, or what you actually do is judge other people based on how they look and now we're all human, we're going to have our flaws, we're going to have our moments good and bad. That's, again, it's not about perfection. But it is about integrity. So be real with yourselves, be honest, like the world you want to live in, it is within you first. It only ever is.

So yeah, live it out in your small town, in your in your house, in your school, you know, within the tiny communities you have right now you don't need to jump out and move to you know, Portland, or you know, New York City or Malibu or whatever to be surrounded by, quote unquote like minded people, you don't need that. You need to tune into your own message and live the truth of that. The people that are yours will find you and you will find them they will light up for you like beacons and the people that are not will fall away very easily, you'll just without even realizing it completely bypass that uncomfortable, nasty altercation or that disempowering moment when you're really true to your own message.

Kimberly King:
Absolutely. Yeah. And I love that reminder as well to release the timeline. Just because I know I am 100% guilty of this having the narrative of Oh, I'm this many years doing this thing and it doesn't exactly look how I want it to and I think a lot of that is, oftentimes, we're always going to have the next level of our vision, that bigger vision that even when you get to where your vision is, now you're going to have something else.

And like you were saying before, your soul wants that, your soul wants to continue growing and moving forward. And how did you say it like unraveling the knots, which I absolutely love. So I think it's just a really great reminder, as well, because  time isn't real. To remind ourselves like it doesn't, it doesn't matter how many years it's been, you get to decide what you want it to look like and how you want to experience it. And all we really have is the present moment. So I really love that reminder, just to bring it back to how do you desire to show up in the present moment? What impact do you desire to have within your community within the conversations that you're having? Yeah, I just really love that reminder. So thank you.

Wynoami Glasser:
Yeah, yeah, it's why pleasure, prioritization is so important. I mean, the old paradigm would have you wait until you know, you have the six figure income, or the seven figure income and no debt and a huge savings account and everything before you can enjoy your life. And that's just utterly ludicrous. And by the way, your desires are not about your stuff. Your true authentic desires is not about the cloud, the status or the stuff that you want to accrue, that's, that's all fine and good. Your true authentic desire is only ever about a state of being. And that means if you can really tune into what your authentic state of desire is, and you can access instant manifestation, you can be exactly who you want to be right now without all the stuff that you think validates that way of being.  And yes, the timelines are an illusion. Absolutely and if you are hearing this, and you're doubting it, and you're questioning it, then you can go research and find all kinds of examples of the alternatives, you can find the individual who broke out in their 70s, you can find the person who came into fullness of their life in their 50s, you can find them, you will find them and they're more than you think.

And also I needed to say this, as I was listening into the energy, it's really important to allow yourself to process grief, let's be honest with ourselves, if you imagined yourself reaching a certain, you know, destination, or a certain level of success by, you know, let's say age 30, and you've passed that mark, you're now closer to 40. And you haven't achieved that yet. It's okay. You still have everything within you to achieve what you need. But you also need to give yourself the chance to grieve. Allow yourself to feel the grief of what you don't have, it's okay to be sad about not having what you thought you would have, how many dreams that you have as a child of the life that you wanted, and the thing you wanted to pursue and now you're you know, 30 years in and you don't have that. It's not to make you feel shame, it's not to say it's not still possible. It's not to say what you have now is beautiful, and it is but if you need to grieve, that's okay, too. grieving is such an important part of living this life.

I mean, this whole collective is in a state of enormous grief right now. And if you're not allowing that to move through your body, I encourage you to do so find a heart chakra meditation out there, really listen into your heart space and breathe deeply into the grief. Let yourself process it through whatever feels natural for you. And also, yeah, grieve those things that you don't have yet. It's okay. It's okay to feel that. Let that clear your body before you start activating gratitude, which is important to really get into appreciation for all of the success you've already achieved. All the things that you have that you did want all the things that you still want that you have. That are getting, they're growing.

And please don't forget to exercise gratitude and appreciation, please, is such a bone for the growing process. After all, like this is really all about receiving right. Receiving energy is one that really states like I'm worthy to receive. I'm worthy. I'm deserving of receiving everything that I want. I'm deserving right now receiving pleasure. Just because I am I deserve this. I'm really speaking into that and letting it in. And yeah, it's tricky being human, isn't it?

Kimberly King:
Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I love That reminder of allowing yourself to experience grief and process grief and experience gratitude, and express gratitude, they are both so incredibly important. And it's not about bypassing the uncomfortable feelings or the grief or anything like that. But allowing space for you to experience the fullness of it.

Wynoami Glasser:
Yes, yes. How else can you really truly move forward in authenticity, and with full integrity, if you don't do that, it will catch up to you, it will force you to see it at some point, if you don't allow yourself to process fully the grief, right? Then when you do achieve, or when you do when you do get the things that you want, there's a sense of guilt, or there's a sense of like, Is this all there is, there's a lack of that fullness of appreciation for what does come your way. And that's fully related to a lack of allowing grief. Yeah, you don't understand pleasure until you understand pain. You can't even really fully experience joy and an ecstasy until you experience desperation, or pain or suffering or fear. You don't really understand freedom, until you fully feel oppression.

And when you do fully realize and appreciate grief and pain, then you realize that joy is available. Now, it's not something you need to go get through some achievement. When you fully understand oppression, you realize that you are free. Now you have freedom within your body. Now in the experience of your life. Now, it all becomes so much simpler than these brilliant computer brains make it out to be, you know, let's just call it what is your brain is a beautiful computer that is designed to do one thing and that is calculate probability is there to just help you predict what is next. It is completely useless when it comes to the unknown. Or when it comes to feeling in your body it is useless for that.

So yeah, let your body's wisdom speak and your body can't be a clear channel of wisdom if energy is stuck. So if you find yourself resentful, because of where you are, and you're not where you want to be, please allow the grief, give yourself the safe space to cry it out, scream it out, punch it out, write it all down. I thought I was going to be here by now and I'm not and I'm disappointed. And write it all down and let yourself cry now. Hold that inner child in your arms and show yourself that grace and that compassion. And when you can let that all flow, what comes next, you know, you can settle back into the understanding that you're enough, you're enough, you are fully, fully you. That's enough.

What you thought you wanted maybe wasn't even yours to want maybe was conditioned into you what you thought you wanted you you held on to with too much attachment, and wasn't able to take in all the various ways life is trying to bring you what you truly desire. And what you desire has nothing to do with money, status, stuff, it has everything to do with the state of being and that you have access to right now. And that can and is enough. And then go watch the movie Soul because then that really wraps it all up really nicely.

Kimberly King:
Amazing. This conversation has been so incredible. Thank you so much Wynoami for sharing your wisdom, your insights, your expertise. If there's anything else you feel called to share, please feel free. And I'd also love for you to share where people can connect with you and how they can work with you if you have any offers you'd like to share.

Wynoami Glasser:
One thing I'd like to share before I share my offerings is to say right now in the collective, there's a lot of fear and anger. There's a lot of grief. And I'm encouraging everyone who's listening right now to really let nature be the guide right now. It's a really beautiful time, especially as we're still in Taurus season. We still have this, we have spring upon us and summer is on its way. Get outside as often as you can and commune with nature around you, if you're in a city, and I lived in New York City for 12 years, so I understand the craving for nature. Go to Central Park, get under the trees if you're in any cosmopolitan area. Just get surrounded by nature as best as you can. Take the earbuds out of your ears, no music, no podcasts, don't read anything. Just please give yourself the opportunity to sit under the moon or under the sun and with a breeze, in the rain, in the cold, in the heat, and let it speak to you and remember that you are a sovereign being that you're not here to do, you're here to be. And your purpose isn't your career. Your purpose is to live and live in the fullness of your being. By being present in this moment which as you said, really is the only thing you've got, and know how loved you are, you are so loved, you are so worthy of all of the things that you want.

How you can work with me. So I do have two spaces open for one on one intuitive guidance. You can find more information through sending me a private message at Wynoami at intuitiverebellion.com, you can go to my website intuitiverebellion.com to learn more about my signature offer which is called The Coronation. And you can also sign up for my newsletter on that website where you will get a meditation on self compassion and being with yourself it's my mission in life is to create safe space for you to become more at home in yourself. That is my purpose in my work.

The next offering I have available is actually tonight there's a night this won't be out by then it will be out after that one. You can go to The Portal you can find the portal on Instagram @theportal1111 can also click my link in my bio on my Instagram which is @wynoami_g and there you can enter into The Portal as a monthly membership you can start with a seven day free trial and you have access to all of the classes in there that are on demand. And then after that it is only 22,22 a month. There are classes every night from extraordinary facilitators they do everything from breathwork to Reiki to sound bath healing. And then my work with mother wound healing and other intuitive guidance and teachings we do ritual in my work there. We do meditative practices, extraordinary work happening in there so you can definitely find me in there every week. And yeah, stay tuned there will be more offerings coming in the near future I can't wait to bring to you. There will be a mother wounds healing course soon. That will stand alone but I'm excited to bring to the people. Yeah, that's all the ways that you can be in touch with me and in my flow and I do show up a lot on Instagram. So definitely float over there to see me on the daily.

Kimberly King:
Awesome amazing.Thank you so much for sharing. I will also include links in the show notes where you can connect with Wynoami. Thank you again so much for being here, I’m so honoured to have you on the podcast and I will see you all on the next episode.

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