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How to manifest with ease and create sustainable change

July 05, 2021 Kimberly King Season 1 Episode 9
Lead With Soul
How to manifest with ease and create sustainable change
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In this episode of Lead With Soul, we're talking about how you may be blocking yourself from receiving your desires and the key steps (that most people miss) to manifest with ease and create long-lasting and sustainable results.

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Episode 9: How to manifest with ease and create sustainable change

Welcome to Lead With Soul — The podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to build an impactful and profitable brand, create a thriving and sustainable business that aligns with your values, and experience more freedom, fulfillment and abundance in your life and business — while making a positive difference in the world. If you’re ready to elevate your business and brand to a new level, manifest your vision into reality and embody the leader you know you’re meant to be — this is the podcast for you. I’m your host, Kimberly King.

Kimberly King:
So this is going to be a short and sweet episode. But this was something that has been on my mind and my heart for a little while now that I feel called to talk about. So when it comes to setting and achieving goals and manifesting our desires,  I often see people feeling frustrated or giving up on the things that they desire, because it's not manifesting. And I know it's something I've definitely personally experienced.

I had this analogy, come through for me the other day that I wanted to share. If you aren't connected with me on Instagram, you might not know that my partner and I just bought a home together and we're going to be moving this week. So we've been spending a lot of time there, cleaning up just getting the garden cleaned up, and the house cleaned up and everything. And as I was cleaning up the garden, pulling the weeds, it really made me think of business or really any goals that we have, and how so often we desire the outcome, we desire the transformation, maybe it's booking a certain number of clients or hitting a certain income goal in your business. Maybe it's a health-related goal or something to do with your relationships, or just any goal that you have. Oftentimes, we may not be willing to get uncomfortable and do the things that we know we need to do to create that desired result.

And this really hit me when I was pulling thousands of weeds really trying to clean up the garden. And just not really being that into it, kind of being a little bit annoyed that I had all of these weeds to pull and that it was going to be a lot of maintenance, I would have to be really consistent with upkeeping the garden. And I had to kind of laugh at myself because I had been saying before I had this garden that I really wanted to have a garden, I wanted to have beautiful flowers and plants, I wanted to grow a veggie garden and just have an abundance of vegetables and plants and flowers. But yet I was really annoyed at the fact that I had to pull the weeds and take care of the garden and really create that solid foundation for me to be able to have a thriving garden.

It made me think about how often we do this in our life and our business, having a goal or desired outcome that we really want and really want to manifest. But yet, we aren't willing to do the dirty work and do the uncomfortable things that maybe aren't always fun or exciting, but that are required for us to manifest that goal. So if we are not willing to do the uncomfortable thing to pull the weeds to tend to the garden to plant the seeds. Why do we think that we're going to just magically end up with a beautiful, thriving garden? So if you want to reap the rewards, you have to be willing to sow the seeds and tend to the garden. And sometimes that involves doing not-so-fun things like pulling weeds.

So when it comes to goals that you have in your business, whatever the goal might be, I really want to encourage you to ask yourself, are you willing to do the uncomfortable work that is required for you to manifest that desire? And if you are willing to do that, but you're not currently doing those things, what needs to change in order for you to start taking that action? And if you're not willing to do those things, how does that impact your desired outcome?

So one thing that I work on with my clients when it comes to setting and achieving goals and manifesting their desires is focusing on identity level change. Because if you are constantly taking action from a place that is not aligned with your sense of identity, it's likely creating a lot of resistance. And it may be a reason why your desire isn't manifesting. When we focus on identity level change, it allows us to create long-lasting and sustainable results. Because it becomes a part of who you are, and how you show up naturally. Rather than trying to force yourself to do something or show up in a certain way, when it contradicts your sense of identity right now, this could also be why you may be putting in the work, doing your affirmations, writing in your gratitude journal, doing all the things that you need to do, but feeling like your desire still isn't manifesting, because we haven't made the shift at the identity level. So it may be causing conflict or resistance, or what I call energetic misalignment between you and your desires. So it's not that you're doing manifesting wrong or that you don't deserve what you desire, or that you aren't putting in the effort, there may just be a shift that needs to happen, when it comes to your sense of identity, and who you are and how you're showing up right now.

This is also why I focus on embodiment, both for myself and my clients. Because there's a big difference between believing or thinking something consciously, and embodying it being the person who has the things that you desire, being the person who takes the actions that you may be avoiding, or that may feel uncomfortable, but you know, are necessary for you to manifest your desire. So all of these practices and tools like positive affirmations, gratitude, journaling, meditating, and visualizing on your desires are all incredible tools and practices that can help you manifest your desires. But if we are leaving out, identity level change, we are missing an integral piece of the process. And if we are unwilling to do the things that may be uncomfortable, that we know are required for us to manifest our desires, we might end up feeling frustrated or giving up because we're not seeing the results.

So when you think of a specific goal that you have in mind that you are working on manifesting, I really want to encourage you to reflect on this question and be brutally honest with yourself. What have I been unwilling to do that I know will help me get closer towards this desire? What uncomfortable actions have I been avoiding? What behaviours or thought patterns do I need to work on releasing for me to more easily manifest this desire? And once you have that clarity, you can then start working on shifting your identity to become the person who already has the things that you desire, which is going to make manifesting so much easier.

So once you have that clarity, you can start pulling the weeds, tending to the garden doing those things that may not feel as exciting or fun or may feel uncomfortable, but you know, are going to help you create that really solid foundation for you to create that thriving and abundant garden that you desire. And that garden gets to be whatever you desire, whatever goals or vision you are currently working on creating and manifesting into reality.

So once you have that clarity, you can start getting really clear on who the person is the version of you who has already manifested that goal or that vision or that desire. How does this version of you show up? What do they believe? What do they think? What is their energy like? How do they show up when it comes to doing the uncomfortable work and begin taking action from that place as the version of you who has already manifested that vision?

And I know this might sound a lot easier than it really is. And I don't want to oversimplify it. I want to acknowledge that everybody's journey is different and we all have our own unique experiences that have shaped who we are And our belief system and our values and how we show up and to acknowledge that certain things may be affecting how easy this process is for you. If you have a dysregulated nervous system, or you experienced mental illness, or you've experienced trauma, there are so many things that can impact how you show up and how you respond to certain things. So I want to be really mindful of that when it comes to identifying these things that may feel uncomfortable for you or you may be avoiding and to acknowledge that the solution is not always to just push yourself to do it, or to feel the fear and do it anyway, or to just take messy action. Those are all strategies that can be really helpful. But it's important to acknowledge that you are a multi-dimensional human being and that there are so many different things that make you who you are, and that have influenced and impacted your sense of identity, as well as your sense of safety, which can be directly connected to some of the things that you may not be taking action on.

This is why it can be really supportive to work with a trauma-informed practitioner, someone who has the knowledge and the tools to support you in moving through some of these things that have impacted you that may be creating this resistance and making it harder for you to take the action. And if you are experiencing anxiety or depression or another mental illness or something that may be dis regulating your nervous system, it's going to be really important to work on regulating your nervous system before working on changing your beliefs and your sense of identity. When you are feeling grounded and your nervous system is regulated and you are taking care of your mental health, it's going to make it so much easier to work on that identity level change to change your beliefs to change your actions and behaviours and really get into alignment energetically with your vision. And there are so many great tools and practices to use to support you in regulating your nervous system. You can use meditation or deep breathing techniques, or EFT, which is also called tapping movement can also be really helpful to support you in moving and processing emotion through your body. So I really want to encourage you to create a grounding practice to support you and regulating your nervous system so that you can more easily create these long-lasting and sustainable changes. And some of the tools that I use both for myself and with my clients to support them in creating that identity level change are things like NLP time techniques, EFT and trauma-informed coaching.

But it really starts with getting clarity on what the actions are that you have been avoiding those weeds that you don't really want to pull and then getting clarity on the version of you who already has manifested that vision or those desires and beginning to embody that because that's going to create a really solid foundation for you to plant those seeds and watch it turn in to a beautiful, thriving abundant garden.

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